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The era of High Definition TV and large capacity optical storage is here and we are ready for it. With DVD/High Definition media, you have huge storage capacities and incredible sound and picture quality. Recording films, creating interactive training, backing up or archiving massive amounts of data are just a few of the powerful applications for this next generation data storage solution. – Secure™ DVD-R: preloaded with EncryptDiscTM Lite software to safely store your data – DVD-R: Write-once discs with high-capacity & long life. – DVD-RW: Rewriteable media for data, audio, & more. – DVD+RW: Universal and interchangeable rewriteable media. – DVD+R & DVD-R Double Layer: Record 4 hours of DVD-quality video or 8.5GB of computer files on a single disc. – DVD Forcefield Discs: DVD media with a protective coating for hassle-free handling. – DVD+R: Ideal for anyone requiring data-intensive, high-performance data storage.

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